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Terms and Conditions: To join our members program you must read the following disclaimers. Please read it through and check the box below acknowledging that you have read them:

  1. PainMedsOnly reminds you that using our directory is not a substitute for consulting with your local physician. Professional medical advice is recommended and encouraged.
  2. As long as you are an active member with PainMedsOnly, you agree to be billed monthly. Once access to our directory has been created by choosing a username and password, there are no refunds.
    You may cancel your membership with PainMedsOnly at any time, but only through the online, self-service interface you used to join located to the Members Page. If you need help with cancellation,
    please write us @ support@painmedsonly.com or call us 828-329-9752.
    Once cancellation has occurred, access to the PainMedsOnly directory will be denied and billing will cease.
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  5. Your credit card statement billing will appear as "PMO"