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Pain Meds Only.

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If you are suffering from back pain or
chronic pain anywhere
in your body,
our service can
enable you to acquire pain meds
and get the pain relief you
need to help ease your pain.

If you have legitimate
chronic pain and
are in need
of pain medication, w
e can
show you how you
can get the
pain relief that you
and need to function.


You can have a legal prescription
for pain medication
fill at your local pharmacy.


You will be asked to
provide proper
documentation to
 substantiate your
chronic pain condition.
This documentation

 can be an MRI report,
an X-Ray report, or other 
relevant lab test results that
substantiates the need for
 pain medication.
You will also need recent doctor's notes
referring to your chronic pain condition
as well as the fact that you
have been prescribed the pain
medication you are seeking. 

The documentation should not

be older than 2 years*.


The doctor absolutely
needs all of the above
 in order to justify
writing a pain medication
prescription for you.

* sometimes records older than 2 years will be accepted. 
It depends on the reason for your chronic pain condition.


Pain / Anesthetics news headlines provided courtesy of Medical News Today.

This is a 100% Legal Way to get

Up to the level of Hydrocodone
 Also known as Vicodin, Norco, Lortab

We Have Been Helping Chronic Pain Patients
Since 2004

We have completed our research
and have assembled providers
who have a
unique group of U.S.
licensed physicians that have
extensive experience with
chronic pain patients.

Simply substantiate your chronic pain
condition with recent documentation
and you will receive a written
up to the level of
(Also known as Vicodin,
Lortab, Norco)

All of our providers' doctors are in
compliance with the
Schedule Classification change to a Schedule II as of Oct 6, 2014. 
However, some doctors will require face to face consultations only 4x a year (every 3 months).
What this means to you is that you can have telephone consults in between
those face to face consultations and have the prescription mailed to you.

After you choose a provider site from
 our well qualified list, the provider will then schedule a consultation with the doctor for you.

Can you get

Vicodin (Hydrocodone, Lortab, Norco) using our online services without having a current prescription?

Yes, if you are at least 21 years of age,
and have consulted with one
of the licensed doctors our providers have
 and you have provided them with
current proper documentation
you will be given a perfectly 
legal prescription which can be
filled at your local pharmacy.

The cost will also be less than going to a local
Pain Management Center. 


When you become a member of
PainMedsOnly you will be given immediate
access to our secure list of providers where
you will be able to acquire pain medication
safely, securely and legally.

Join PainMedsOnly

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Simple and stress free.
No more begging for your medication.


Your responsibility is to provide
current documentation that
explains the reason for
 your chronic pain condition.

All of the providers listed with us are associated
with legitimate, licensed
U.S. doctors complying with current laws.

The typical quantity of medicine prescribed
is between 90 and 120
pills per month.


We have thoroughly checked out these providers
for you and we know that this is
the safest, most
cost effective,
way to get your
pain meds.
Pain relief is right
around the corner.

When you become a member,
you will get immediate access to providers sites
that have been carefully checked out
reliability, honesty, quality and price. 

We also have a customer
support phone number.

Monday through Friday

10 AM to 7 PM EST

Any questions that you may have
will be addressed. Our customer support staff is there to help you with the process.

No More Rip -Offs!


We are your Legal Source for

Being Pain Free!


This is a recurring purchase. You will be
 charged monthly or until such time
YOU cancel your membership.
You can cancel by going to our
Members page.

PainMedsOnly is updated
and revised with reviews of new providers
as it becomes available.
Remember, once you gain access & view our
you have purchased our service.
 No refunds.
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There are many people who live everyday of
their lives with back pain and other chronic
pain conditions.

Government reports confirm that doctors are
under medicating their patients and making
many suffer unnecessarily without any way
to get pain relief.

We have developed this web site to help all
those who are experiencing this problem and
would like to purchase pain medication online.
We will lead you to where you can get your pain medication legally and quickly.


We are here to help those with chronic pain.

We are your pain medication connection to
some very special providers who understand
the real problems associated with chronic pain.

The doctors that are listed are willing to prescribe the pain medication that will allow you to get your life
back together.

You will be able to live more normally and
perform the work you need to survive.

No more humiliation from being accused of
being a drug addict.

No more hassling with the doctor, trying to
convince him or her that you are in
chronic pain.

No more waiting hours in the doctor's office
only to find out the doctor might be willing to
prescribe 30 pills for the entire month.
If you're lucky!


"I was very skeptical at first and have
never used the internet for
health service before.
You guys have completely
changed my mind about that!"

chronic pain sufferers saying thank you